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In Pre-K2 we begin our day with morning devotion, the pledge of allegiance and The Morning Review.  We also review our letters, numbers, shapes and colors.  We introduce our monthly theme using stories, dance and educational songs.  Each day we review the alphabet focusing on that month's letters.  Pre-K2 students use art and activities to enrich use of numbers, shapes and colors.


Worksheets reflecting the child's educational development are sent home each day so parents can see firsthand their child's intellectual growth.


Bible Study is also incorporated into our daily experience.  The theme teaches more about Christianity and encourages moral behavior inside and outside the classroom.


Inside and outside play allows our students to develop social skills as well as provide opportunity for much needed exercise.  This time also encourages sharing, patience, taking turns, being gentle and speaking in varied tones, such as using our inside voice.



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Kid Academy's mission is to provide a Christian, safe, learning environment for all students and offer pre-school classes to prepare our students for Kindergarten while having fun.


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