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In Pre-K4, we begin our day together with daily devotion, the pledge of allegiance and The Morning Review.  During this time we go over the theme, letters, numbers, shapes and colors of the month.  Worksheets help us to reinforce these ideas and allows parents to see the progress of their child's learning each day.

You will also continue to see our students progressing as we encourage free paint into our daily curriculum to expand their imagination with the arts.


Pre-K4 students continue to learn name writing as well as word writing to reinforce letter recognition and phonics development. We also introduce coins, number lines and greater than and less than concepts. Pre-K4 students also have Spanish classes weekly and learn traditional Spanish greetings, numbers, shapes and colors.  Weekly Reader is also introduced in this classroom.  Weekly Reader activities also encourage comprehension, story sequence and memory development.


Worksheets pertaining to daily educational lessons are completed each day and show parents

the growth their child is experiencing as the year progresses.


In Pre-K4 we continue to encourage a Christian environment through Bible Study.

Stories from the Bible and corresponding worksheets help teach students a Christian lifestyle of

kindness and treating others as we would like to be treated.


Play both inside and outside helps children continue their development of social skills such as taking turns, sharing, friendship, speaking kindly to one another and speaking in varied tones.  Outside play also encourages exercise and agility.  Pre-K4 also has structured physical education classes.


Pre-K4 students receive a weekly progress report letting parents know how their child is doing with that particular week's activities.  Pre-K4 students also receive a report card each December and May letting each parent know what their child has learned and comprehended throughout the school year.


Starting in Pre-K4 students have the opportunity to go on monthly field trips to deepen their educational and fun filled experience of learning.  Pre-K4 students attend field trips to the library, pumpkin patch, Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, bowling, etc.  Parents and grandparents are welcome to attend all field trips.



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