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Pre-K5 students are full of excitement!  As this age group approaches their Kindergarten year,

there is much to achieve in order to prepare them for their elementary school experience.


We begin our day in Pre-K5 with morning devotion, the pledge of allegiance and The Morning Review.

During circle time in Pre-K5, we review the days of the week, months of the year, theme, letters,

numbers, shapes, colors and sight words.


Educational computer games are also a wonderful learning experience for our Pre-K5 students.

We realize, technology is a big part of a child's learning experience during their elementary school years

and introducing them to the computer experience will help them greatly in the future.


Name writing and word writing reinforcing letter recognition and phonics development are practiced

each day.  We review sight words daily and our Pre-K5 students learn over one hundred sight words before

they start kindergarten.  Weekly Reader activities also encourage comprehension, story sequence

and memory development.


Worksheets pertaining to daily educational lessons are completed each day and show parents the

growth their child is experiencing as the year progresses.


Bible Study is also incorporated into our daily experience.  Pre-K5 focuses more about Christianity

and continues to encourage moral behavior inside and outside of the classroom.


Play both inside and outside helps children continue their development of social skills such as taking turns, sharing, friendship, speaking kindly to one another and speaking in varied tones.  Outside play also encourages exercise and agility.  Pre-K5 also has structured physical education classes.


From October through May, students take weekly tests pertaining to what they learned that particular week.  Each test is made up of seven or eight questions pertaining to sight words, Spanish words, addition or subtraction problems, time, counting money, etc.  These tests teach our students about accountability on listening in class and teaches the students the process of testing.  We encourage you to see a member of our management team to see examples of our weekly tests.


Pre-K5 students receive a weekly progress report letting parents know how their child is doing with that particular week's activities.  Pre-K5 students also receive a report card each December and May letting each parent know what their child has learned and comprehended throughout the school year.


Pre-K5 students have the opportunity to go on monthly field trips to deepen their educational and fun filled experience of learning.  Pre-K5 students attend field trips to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, Audubon Zoo, Library, Pumpkin Patch, Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, bowling, etc.  Parents and grandparents are welcome to attend all field trips.




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