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While we're confident that your experience with Kid Academy will certainly

extend beyond that of satisfactory, it's always good to hear from those who have

had the opportunity to be part of our family.


We're thankful for our Kid Academy family. It's because of you that we love what we do. Below are just some of those who have chosen to let us know just how much they have appreciated who we are and what we do.

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Dear Kid Academy,


We are very sad to let you guys know that we will be moving within the first few days of March to Florida. Mason's last day will be February 24, 2017. We knew when putting Mason in your facility that it would be for a short time, but it is still difficult to have to take him out. We are very happy and lucky to have been able to place Mason at Kid Academy. With a rough start for me and with his initial teacher, things improved greatly, and your staff has helped with this immensely. Ms. Jasmine has been amazing with Mason, he mentions her all the time, with really gives me the assurance of leaving him in her hands. She is reassuring to me with any concerns I have and we will miss her. I have great things to say about Kid Academy, and Mr. Matt, Mrs. Hope, Ms. Margaux and Mr. Nick has been helpful and delightful to work with. I only hope to find a place for Mason wherever else we go as great as Kid Academy, although you guys are going to be hard to top.


Again, thank you so much, and we are very happy and excited for what is to come in our future.


Warm Regards,


Imelda Arce




Dear Matt and Staff,


It is with great sadness that I write this letter to you. Due to a wonderful job opportunity, the Ward family will be moving out of state, and therefore removing our daughter, Sarah Ward, from the best preschool EVER!. I cannot even begin to express the sadness that I feel in leaving Kid Academy. Sarah has been with you all since she was 7 months old. She loves Kid Academy and the staff so very much. While in your care, she has learned so many things...counting, ABC's, colors, shapes, superb manners, the Pledge of Allegiance and countless songs that she sings to us on a daily basis...and she is only 3 years old!


From the very first week at Kid Academy, she just blossomed into this social butterfly that continues to this day. She is very comfortable in the care of your awesome teachers. I only pray that we will be able to find a preschool that teaches the same Christian values that you all teach on a daily basis. The teachers there truly care about each child's progress and they encourage us parents when we are experiencing any difficult times with our child. As a first time parent, that means the world to me! I just love all the holiday celebrations that you have there and so does my child. Sarah's last day at Kid Academy will be extremely hard on me, because I know I will never find another "Kid Academy"! We will miss the daily stickers and "smiley faces" from Margaux each day, and of course, all the love and concern that she shows to each and every child and parent.


Hope Hendry has proven to be a wonderful addition to your staff and we will miss her terribly! Any time I have had a question or concern about ANYTHING, Hope listened intently to me for as long as I needed to speak. Matt, your office has always been open to me as well and I certainly appreciate that...more than I can say. I never felt as though my concerns were falling on deaf ears...quite the opposite, in fact. I saw immediate attention given to my questions and concerns. It is such a comforting feeling to know that I can trust that my only child is receiving the best care and love possible, while my husband and I focus on our daily jobs.


In closing, I just want to reiterate how very pleased I have been with your preschool and your staff. Matt, you should be very proud of the safe and loving environment you have created for our children. I will remember the staff and Kid Academy as a whole in my daily prayers. May you all continue to grow as a staff and continue to provide the children with the tools they will need to be successful students.


With much love and thanks to you all,


Lara Leigh Ward




Dear Matt and Staff,


I am writing this letter with great emotion. I have received a promotion within my company and will be relocating to Dothan, AL. Our move will take place on March 18th; therefore Jason's last day will be the Friday previous to that date. It saddens me greatly to remove Jason from this AMAZING school. I with that I could take all of you with me! I have four children from ages 18 to 2 and Kid Academy is by far the best facility I have ever encountered. The teachers are caring! The staff is helpful! And this is by far the CLEANEST facility I have seen, and you can tell. In the time Jason has been there, he has only been sick once...that's impressive!


First and foremost, I want everyone to know that I came to this facility because of Margaux. I called to inquire about the school and was going to go by after work and pick up a package. However, about 30 minutes later, Margaux was at my branch and hand delivered it to me. She stated that she wanted to deliver it to me so that I could meet her, ask questions and have a face with a name. I cannot tell you how much that impressed me. At the moment, I knew this was the place to be...she wanted my business and she wanted me to be comfortable with my decision. She is an amazing member of this team, pay her well.


Next is Matt. Anytime I have ever had a concern, whether big or small, he has ALWAYS called me. He thoroughly cares about his students and parents and wants to ensure that all issues are promptly resolved. Matt is very involved with his students and their success. I feel that he runs a very precise business, has very high expectations from his staff and maintains those standards. I have never picked Jason up and he ever has so much as a dirty face! That in itself is astounding! I wish I could take you with me as well.


As a parent that, through the years, has dealt with many "day cares", I can truly say that Kid Academy is not just a "day care". I have seen Jason's vocabulary and recognition skills grow and flourish thanks to the wonderful teachers, especially Ms. Shanna. He has become less shy and timid through the interactions that Kid Academy provides. Kid Academy is truly a place where my child goes daily and feels loved and nurtured when I can't be there.


In conclusion, I LOVE THIS PLACE, and I am deeply saddened to have to leave. I have not looked into any facilities in Dothan yet, but God help them, because they will all be compared to Kid Academy! Again, I want to thank the teachers, the staff and Matt for coming to work every day and being passionate about what you do, and I wanted you to know that it was noticed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!




Misty Russell




Kid Academy is the BEST Preschool on the MS Gulf Coast!


The owner Matt Dickens is hands on in everything they do. He and Holly (director) are ready and willing daily to meet the needs of the children there. The curriculum in each classroom will give your children the skills needed to start kindergarten ahead of the game. The teachers are AMAZING!!!! (MS. Gale you ROCK!!!! :) Our daughter loves her teacher and can't wait to go each day to play and learn with her friends. During the summer they go out of the way to make your child have a great time with field trips weekly, themes, and adventures the children can't wait to learn about. When we moved to the MS Gulf Coast we didn't know anyone. I was afraid that we would not find a preschool that would meet our expectations. Kid Academy is CLEAN, FRIENDLY, SAFE, EDUCATIONAL, and FUN!!!! There is no other place I would send any one of my children than here!



Vicki Fairfield




My husband & I moved to the Mississippi Coast a little over 2 years ago & were nervous about where we should send our daughter after school. Kid Academy was recommended to us by a friend who works at a local elementary school & we have been so happy there. We not only send our daughter to the after school program, but are in our second summer with them as well.


The summer program is far beyond a babysitting arrangement; the older children take 2 field trips every week and are constantly engaged with activities and opportunities to learn. Matt Dickens and Holly Ford always go above and beyond in everything that they do and are always available to us and responsive to any concerns we have. We recently had twins who we now have in the infant room and I know that they are well taken care of during the day. I would highly recommend Kid Academy to all parents.


Stephanie Beaver




Kid Academy is by far the BEST child development/daycare on the Coast!! I have two boys that attend Kid Academy (one in Pre-K5 and one in the infant room). The teachers and staff have gone above and beyond to prepare my oldest boy to be ahead of the game when he starts kindergarten (Ms Gale you are awesome and Cameron is sad that he won't be in your class next year)!! I am sad that he will be moving to elementary school but happy to say he will still be attending Kid Academy after school and during the summer months. Just like every mother, I was nervous about sending my newborn off to daycare when it was time for me to return to work.


The teachers in the infant room have taken excellent care of my little man and always give us a detailed report at the end of the day when we pick up. They have made my transition back to work very smooth. They ensure each infant gets special attention and ensure that your child gets tummy/floor time to help with their development. My son just turned 8 months old and is crawling already! They are wonderful and are quick to address and issues/concerns that you may have. I recommend Kid Academy to any parent that wants more than just a daycare for their child, they are wonderful!


Brittany Graham

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